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Apropos Research LLC is an independent market research firm that provides market research and marketing support services to the geospatial and remote sensing community. With over twenty years of experience in this rapidly changing industry, Apropos Research has the contacts and resources needed to produce quantitative and qualitative market intelligence, as well as persuasive and technically correct sales and marketing tools.

Apropos Research helps your organization answer questions about new technology, target markets, competitors, products, customer perceptions and industry trends to support the development of marketing plans, budgets, and strategic operating plans. We also assist with marketing by writing and editing marketing collateral, web content, articles, newsletters, and press releases. 

Apropos Research offers a variety of market research and marketing support services. Our first task is to understand the questions that the client needs answered, or what problems they are trying to solve.

About Apropos Research

Apropos Research has written and published over 60 articles on technical and business-related topics, as well as case studies, press releases, white papers, brochures and web content.


Over the course of twenty years, Linda's career path led into several industries, such as remote sensing, geospatial technology, B2B software, travel and consumer outdoor and leisure, while she gained knowledge in market research, marketing communications and finance. As a result of these combined experiences, Linda possesses a broad skill set with which to conduct successful consulting projects.

By applying our industry expertise and using a variety of research tools, such as online surveys, telephone interviews, and secondary research, we deliver practical, actionable information. Our experienced team of research and marketing professionals can collect, summarize and analyze information for you efficiently and cost effectively.

Apropos Research strives to provide businesses and government agencies with clear and concise data to use as a guide for making decisions that will determine the future growth and direction of the organization.


After relocating from upstate New York in 1991, Linda Duffy earned her M.B.A. from the University of Colorado at Denver while working full time, and learning to bike, hike, and ski at high altitude.


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